Import and Export
Customs Duty, Port/CFS/AAI Charges, Bonding and de-bonding charges, Bond rent warehouse charges, loading and unloading, steamer freight, transport charges, survey fees, repair charges, packing and lashing expenses, cranage, cost of stamp papers/special adhesives, container storage/detention charge, container movement charges, stuffing & destuffing charges, LCL/FCL and all other statutory charges payable to various agencies, demurrage charges, miscellaneous charges and all reimbursement expenses.
Reimbursible at Actuals
  Customs Broker Service Charges for Import
a. Machineries, instruments, appliances, components, tools, spares, capital goods, raw materials, consumable and all other commodities 0.25% of the value or Rs. 150/- per MT or Rs. 150/- per CBM whichever is higher - min. Rs 2000/- per Bill of Entry (Sea) or Rs 1000/- per Bill of Entry (Air)
b. Post Parcels Rs. 150/- per postal intimation memo
c. FSSAI/ADC/Quarantine formalities Rs. 500/- per Bill of Entry
d. Execution of bonds, under takings, such as P.D. Bond, EPCG Bond, License Bond and other bonds Rs. 500/- per bond/undertaking executed
e. Customs Examination Actuals
f. DEEC formalities Rs. 150/- per DEEC
g. Amendment of Bill of Entry Rs. 500/- plus Customs Fee
h. Documentation Rs. 100/- per Bill of Entry
i. Short-landing Certificate/Landing Remark Certificate Rs. 1000/- per Certificate
  Customs Broker Service Charges for Export
a. All types of finished and unfinished goods, commodities, machineries and all other goods 0.25% of FOB or Rs. 150/- per MT or Rs. 150/- CBM whichever is higher - min. Rs. 1500/- per Shipping Bill (Sea) or Rs. 1000/- per Shipping Bill (Air)
b. Bill of Lading Rs. 250/- per Bill of Lading
c. Documentation Rs. 100/- per Shipping Bill
d. Customs Examination Actuals
e. Amendment of Shipping Bill Rs. 250/- plus customs fees
f. DEEC formalities Rs. 500/- per DEEC
g. Post Parcels Rs. 500/- per Consignment
h. Short Shipment Certificate Rs. 1000/- per Certificate
  Customs, drawback, insurance, transport, railways 5% of claimed/realised amount per claim subject to a minimum of Rs. 1000/- per claim realised/rejected
  Debonding (Service Charges)
  50 % of the charges levied for bonding subject to a minimum of Rs. 1500/- per Bill of Entry

  GST as applicable....